Dr. Rosowsky writes regularly for Forbes.com on higher ed leadership, finances, governance, and innovation.

  • Colleges and universities are announcing their plans for the Spring 2021 semester. With few planning changes from their fall operations, the coming semester provides opportunities for assessment, adaptation, extension of their reach to new students, and having greater impact in their communities.
  • Colleges and universities operate under a system of shared governance. The governance triad – the Board, the President, and the Faculty – often is characterized as having strained relationships. But the current dynamic may be worse than ever. Why?
  • Just weeks into the semester, colleges and universities are facing questions about what to do with their students if there is a Covid-19 outbreak on their campuses. The decision to send students home remains the largest and single most challenging decision point facing college presidents this fall.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed higher education. Colleges and universities are most certainly going to rebound to something that looks quite different from just one year ago. There is upside and downside to this fact.

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